PartyLite Halloween

Partylite Witch Hat Candle HolderDo you remember Colorforms, Stickees, Paper dolls or Playing Dress-up? Is Halloween a favorite FUN-time of yours? Let your imagination run wild!

Make your home FUN, bright, and a touch “scarey”; for a Partylite Halloween! Partylite transforms your Skeletal companions, ain’t no “Bones” about it! Yes, costumes for everyone! With Partylite’s new costume kit selections, check out how much fun it is to create your own “Bones” family look. (More fun than the family bumper stickers on the back of cars)PartyLite Mr and Mrs Bones plus family

Partylites’ Bones couple’ looks great in a picture window, foyer, front porch or fireplace mantle. I suggest two costume kits so that Sticks and Stones,their beloved pets, can join in the festivities.

Mr and Mrs Bones Costume Set


Halloween couples everywhere will want a festive skeleton pair to celebrate their wedding or anniversary. Halloween Birthday fans can pick up Partylite’s Boney couple for a steal. And look out, our costume kits will be flying out the door! (A little Witchy, I must say!)

Dog and cat lovers will “howl” when they receive their own “Frightened to the BONE” sticks (dog) and stones(cat) with a costume kit of their own! Remember to “treat” yourself to these Partylite Halloween pieces at fabulous prices. The trick is to get them while supplies last. (Don’t wait until the week before Halloween; that never works!)

Halloween Night, Hocus Pocus, and Spiced Cider fragrances will set the fragrance mood that coincides perfectly with the October harvest moon. Coupons available for discounted tealights upon request. Order now; smile later. September will be knocking on your door soon!

What’s love got to do with it? Partylite Candles

When you look at us, as humans, you become aware of our energy levels (chakra’s)
which gives us a whole new way of looking at our emotional well being.
Red is tribal. It is the lower chakra related to birth, sexuality and family. “Blood is thicker than water”. We equate love with red and pink. Let’s face it, Valentine’s day abounds with lacy hearts in red hues.

Oddly enough, our actual heart chakra   is associated with the color green. Have you heard the term “green with envy”? Envy and jealousy come from an angry heart.

To heal a broken heart, it is said to surround yourself with the life force of green. Green brings “Heart Chakra” love.

Green is the color of life itself.  When the world is rich in life, green abounds. Spring fever brings love, happiness and rebirth. Treat yourself and your loved ones to Partylites “happy” green candles which exude a heavenly fragrance that “Kisses” the senses. Warm the heart chakras’. Heal and strengthen your love life. Strike a match and let Partylite candles and fragrances do the work for you.

Partylites’  Kiss and Tell favorites! Kiss whom? (Well, I don’t know.) Tell whom? Well everyone! “Kiwi Kiss” is one of 5 delectable fragrances in the Forbidden Fruits line. Ripe Kiwi layered with mouthwatering Citrus and finished off with a base of exotic Papaya. Partylite has tealights, votives, jars, oils and sheer tinted lip gloss to put a lovely shine around your smile. Have a heart. Embrace your own personal heart chakra space. Kiwi Kiss. On sale, this month only, at

Love Story

Where do you begin to create your own love story?

I start with my home. I want the people that I have in my life to feel a calm
sense about them when they walk through my door. I want them to feel the love!

I start with fragrance. Carefully layering food fragrances that are warm and nourishing creates the ambiance of welcoming love.
Black Raspberry, Mulberry and French Vanilla. These wholesome delicious scents of deep reds and ivory tones are perfect for adding a splash of color in celebration of Valentine’s day.
Candles add calm and reflective light. Reed diffusers layer your environment with consistent aroma. Fragrance warmers add an extra kick of aromatic energy to a room. Love your life. Love your home. Partylite fragrances, the American way to celebrate with family.